Prophetic words

I have compiled a page of Prophetic words received and written in this blog.  I’ll add to that page as / when I receive something new.



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The Storm

Below is what I consider to be a prophetic a dream I had in August this year.

I was up north somewhere, by a lake (Scotland type scenery), with some other men.  There was some activity involving water rescue. Some of my family were staying nearby, some further south.

There were storms and bad weather I think.  Others went out (on a rescue).  I remained behind in the base – little wooden hut.

The sky turned black, even though it was day, and a massive storm approached.  Tornadoes started to appear, even though it was cold.  Houses around the lake began to be damaged, then as I looked it got worse, much worse.  Rows of houses instantly demolished, swept into the lake, massive, impossible destruction. No man could stand, nothing could sustain. In my little wooden hut, yes I was afraid, nothing could be done except curl into a ball and entrust myself to God.

The hut was not destroyed – knocked of its foundations, on one side, fire at one end – but essentially in one piece.  I knocked the roof out to escape. I walked by the shoreline, witnessing the destruction – the tornadoes were gone, but the sky was still very dark.  I wanted to go find the kids, where they were staying, and at that point the dream ended.

As far as impressions go – it was a powerful dream, and didn’t have hotboots stench on it, rather it felt like the overwhelming judgment of God.  All manmade structures were destroyed – dead bodies, torn apart. I could not survive in my own strength, but entrusted everything to God.  It seemed to me to be a bit like a similar dream I had in 2012.

Anyway, I leave this for your discernment. To me, it speaks that the hour is short, and grows yet shorter still.  The Lord is patient, so very patient, and the Gate of Mercy remains open into His presence.  But on the day Judgment comes – and it must – what side of the gate will you be on? Turn to Him while you still can – tomorrow may be too late.

2 Corinthians 6:2
New International Version – UK

For he says,
‘In the time of my favour I heard you,
    and in the day of salvation I helped you.’
I tell you, now is the time of God’s favour, now is the day of salvation.




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There are none so blind….

….as those who will not see.

Back in March I wrote a post – Who are the Barbarians?   Excerpts are included below:

The world has correctly judged ISIS and their ilk as evil.  And rightly so,  for they are stunted barbarians, semi-humans, devoid of love, mercy, pity or anything that is good.  And they serve their father, Satan, well.

But they do have one thing that we do not – honesty.  They are honest in their barbarism, clear in their embrace of evil and contempt of God and anything that is good, noble and honourable.

They have slain their tens of thousands.  But we have slain our millions.  And what we have done, and are doing is far, far worse.  They slay their enemies.  We slay our own children, sacrificed on the altar of ‘choice’.  They celebrate their killings.  We lie, dissemble and cover with weasel-words the utter barbarism of our misdeeds.

We think we are civilised.  We are not, we are savages hiding from the truth, lying to the world and to ourselves.  Future generations will look upon us with horror and revulsion.

As a culture, our sin is so far advanced, that is has given birth to death, a death we readily embrace, accept, seek after, and call good.  Can we really be so blind, so deceived?

With recent revelations, I think the answer is clear – yes indeed we can.   I have struggled to understand how our culture is not only murdering the weakest and most vulnerable of us, but we are then dismembering them and selling their parts for profit.  I cannot think of a greater evil.

But for many people it is a non-issue, or an attack on ‘rights’, or a political side show, or something else.  Anything other than that what it is.

Just so you know, I am not American, nor do I live there.  I have only marginal interest in the political machinations. But I can see Evil for what it is.  It shouldn’t matter if you are Right or Left wing, Christian or Atheist.  If you can be OK with this, you can be OK with anything.

Well, I begin to understand why somebody like Wilberforce had such trouble outlawing Slavery.  We think it’s a no-brainer – what were some people thinking then, supporting such a thing?  Now we know.  We just need to look in a mirror – at ourselves and the horror in our ‘culture’.  We truly are the barbarians, the real deal.

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Canada 2003-2015





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What does community look like?

The whole question of community is something that I’ve wrestled with for years, what does it look like, how should it be ‘done’, etc.?  I think now however that I have the real definition of community.  And  it comes from very personal experience.

Now, this blog is really not about me, but to explain I have to tell you just a little.  After 12 years in Canada, we are returning to the UK – we were called out here, and we now believe the Lord is calling us back.  Twelve years to the day, precisely.  Not planned, but 12 years seems somehow appropriate.

In all this time I have been part of a church with a deeply welcoming heart.  Not perfect for sure, and we have had our fair share of challenges.  But the first church that I have ever been part of that could be honestly said to be a community.  Where it’s not just acquaintances that attend on Sunday, but something much deeper than that.  And I am going to really miss their friendship.

In the midst of our move, I think I have discovered the meaning of community.

  • It is friends who, not knowing if they will see you again, work late cleaning your house and haul away your garbage.
  • It is friends who drop by unannounced with meals to feed the hungry, with no expectation of return.
  • It is friends who stay up and drive out to your house past midnight to pick up those extra bags you just can’t stuff in, and who open their home up to the newly minted homeless family.
  • It is friends who give, with no expectation of return, because they love you. That is community.
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The worst judgment?

Often I see articles, or words, by people who predict a great judgment to befall a country (it’s usually America…though other countries are available…).  But that got me thinking.  What do we mean by judgment?  Usually we are thinking of some kind of calamity – earthquake, storm, financial crash, etc.  Now, that’s not wrong, and we know from the Bible that such judgments do occur.

But, it seems to me that the very worst kind of judgment that God could bestow on a rebellious people is to say “Thy will be done”.  That is, to leave us alone with our desires, with our appetites and with our fears; to stand back and allow us to do what we want.  I can’t imagine a more terrifying judgment than that.

Sometimes I wonder if that is the very judgment that has now been bestowed on us.

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Who are the barbarians? Part 2.

To follow on from my previous post – what then can we do? What is this to you, and to me? We don’t do these things, right? Well correct, to a degree – a man dies for his own sins.

But how, honestly, do you separate yourself from what your society is doing? We’re not an island, independent from others, we share in the sins of society. This is a strange concept in our hyper-individualised culture. But maybe it’s something we should ponder. Consider the story of Achan – one man, one sin, one nation in deep trouble.

Is that too long ago and in too foreign a culture? Well, consider this – have we wondered how could ordinary people could have lived so close to the ovens of Auschwitz and not said or done anything? They didn’t know, they didn’t want to know, they closed their eyes and ears. And we judged them for their complicity in silence. Do you think future generations will judge us differently?

There is a deep darkness at the heart of our culture, and at the risk of repeating myself – this will not end well.

“And if we can accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?”

“Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion”

Mother Teresa

We will surely destroy ourselves, or be destroyed. In the meantime, as this culture of death digs its fangs more deeply on our society, there is going to be a price to be paid to be loyal to Christ. You can be successful, or a Christian. That’s already happening to some degree. Maybe harder forms of persecution will come. And revival too, because even the best lies do not ultimately satisfy, and people will be drawn by the Gospel.
What then can we do? From Mark Mallet again:

What should be our response? Joy. Yes, how else do we counter the culture of despair but by being the face of hope, a light in the darkness. Let us be the locus point of the beauty and gift that life is. Let others look upon us, even in our suffering—the way the world looked upon St. John Paul II in the last stages of his Parkinson’s disease—and see that life, in all its seasons, is a gift from God. Let us radiate from a deep personal relationship with Jesus the joy of being loved by Him, and then in turn, love others. This is the “Gospel of Life” at its source and foundation.

At the end, we can’t ‘fix’ this world, only He can. That’s not to say we should not be engaged as salt and light – that’s what He calls us to be. We cannot be silent, complicit and withdrawing in the face of evil. But we have to be centered in Christ. Only Christ. Nothing else. The only solid ground there is.

We’ve read the end of the Bible, and we know who is the Victor, so there is no need to despair. Let our response be Joy, and let us proclaim Christ Crucified in a world that grows ever more dark.

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